Illinois Homepage of Parag Magunia

Parag Magunia

This will be a very basic page; you can find more information on my personal blog.

I've been been admitted as a graduate student to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Computer Science. Since Fall 2019, I've completed several computer science courses. I'm hoping to graduate in Fall 2022. Below is a list of courses I've taken or plan to complete.

SemesterAnticipated CourseActual CourseCompleted (Y/N)
Fall 2019Software EngineeringCloud NetworkingY
Spring 2020Database SystemsCloud Computing ApplicationsY
Summer 2020Theory and Practice of Cleaning DataCloud Computing CapstoneY
Fall 2020Cloud NetworkingSoftware EngineeringY
Spring 2021Cloud Computing ApplicationsNot enrolledN/A
Summer 2021Cloud Computing CaptstoneData VisualizationIn progress
Fall 2021Text Information Systems
Spring 2022AWS Exam
Summer 2022Data Visualization

You can also see my Drupal and Github contributions. I've connected to some of my fellow Illinois classmates on LinkedIn. Last year, I attained AWS certification as a Solutions Architect at the Associate level.

Thanks for visiting.